Veterans and other Important Personnel (VIP) Recruiting

VIP Recruiting provides services to Military Personnel and those that support Veterans.  VIP Recruiting stands to support all service members.  This includes those that have served one day or even retired.  VIP Recruiting considers ‘other Important Personnel’ as anyone that supports Veterans.  This might be a husband, wife, child or Veteran advocate as examples.  VIP Recruiting believes no matter your proximity to the target that if you have supported a Veteran then we want to help.  A Veteran can be a military member on Active Duty or Reservist.  We support all branches of services to include the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard or National Guard.

VIP Recruiting is ‘action-oriented’ towards giving back to a VIP.  Join the VIP nation as an ’employer’ who reduces the unemployment rate or a ‘difference maker’ who advocates for Veterans and other Important Personnel.

A ‘VIP’ and the ‘VIP Nation’

A ‘VIP’ is veteran or someone that have supported veterans such as spouses, children, etc. To best support you, we have identified through various reports from U.S. Dept of Labor and Veterans Affairs that one of the primary issues why military personnel struggle to make a smooth transition to the corporate world is due to not having compatible job titles, experiences, responsibilities or skills.  VIP Recruiting has taken a holistic approach towards helping a VIP take the “salutes to suits” transition.  By joining and advocating for Veterans you are becoming a member of the VIP Nation.  Veterans and those that have or are supporting Veterans can take advantage of the below services.

Some key services we offer to you are in the below:

  • On-demand video interviews;
  • Career fairs;
    Preregister for the Brandon, FL Career Fair by Sending Us Your Resume – Contact Us;
  • On-line employment site;
  • “Salutes to Suits” educational seminars;
  • Inexpensive resume review;
  • Volunteers or “Difference Makers” (as available); and
  • Fundraising for educational expenses.

Most importantly, VIP Recruiting has innovated a lean process of getting you in front of hiring officials and human resource personnel to increase your visibility.

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  VIP Recruiting ‘Employers’

We understand the financial repercussions of a bad hire.  The U.S. Dept of Labor states the price of a bad hire is at least 30% of an employees first-year earnings.  This doesn’t include the time lost towards productivity.  VIP Recruiting has innovated a lean process of getting you the right hire for an immediate Return on Investment (ROI).

Some key services are in the below:

  • on-demand video interviews;
  • career fairs;
  • on-line employment site;
  • as able, we work to match up a mentor to each VIP;
  • VIP Recruiting is community minded. We work to raise awareness of the veteran unemployment rate; and
  • VIP Recruiting values continual development and raises money to support educational expenses.

In summary, let us help solve your career opportunity by hiring VIP Recruiting.  Clink on the “contact us” button to talk with a Difference Maker.

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VIP Recruiting ‘Difference Maker’

Are you ready to help a VIP make their way through the transitional jungle and up the corporate ladder?  Volunteer to Support a VIP!  Volunteers or “Difference Makers” can help by sharing their skills and lessons learned while in the corporate world.  As a “Difference Maker”, you can do this one-time, on a temporary basis or routinely.  Additionally, VIP Recruiting has training to help you succeed as a Volunteer or “Difference Maker.”   Most noteworthy, VIP Recruiting has developed the below ways to diminish the issues plaguing Veterans.  Sign up today to become a Difference Maker.

  • serve as a mentor;
  • assist with a Career Fair;
  • speak at a Seminar or Career Fair;
  • volunteer at a Veteran support center or hospital;
  • make a donation to support educational expenses;
  • spread the word about VIP employment needs;
  • simply thank a Veteran today;
  • add a simple tagline to your email signature block – “Veterans and other Important Personnel (VIP) Advocate”; and/or
  • utilize your social media to advocate for Veterans.

Did we miss something?  Tell us how we can do better.

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