Meet the Founder and CEO

Meet the Founder

Retired military Mustang who served both as an Enlisted service-member and an Officer.

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Chris Godier

Founder & CEO

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Veteran advocate and entrepreneur Chris Godier grew up in Festus, Missouri, which is located thirty-minutes south of St. Louis.  Being industrious became a virtue for Chris as his parents passed away when he was in Middle School.

Some Career Highlights

Following the footsteps of his father who served in the Navy, Chris immediately began his service after graduating high school 1991.  As an Enlisted Sailor while fling onboard the S-3B Viking aircraft as an aircrewman.  He participated in flights and operations off the USS Theodore Roosevelt, USS Kennedy and USS Saratoga.  As an Enlisted Sailor he was recognized as the Sailor of the month, quarter and year for VS-24 (Scouts).

Chris was commissioned in 2000 after graduating from the University of Missouri (MU) under the Enlisted Commissioning Program.

While serving in Jacksonville, Florida from 2011 to 2014 he led 1,900 personnel spread across 7 states, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Puerto Rico while supervising 35 personnel.  During this time he created a detailed screening and selection process, “suits to boots”, while directly interfacing as a Navy recruiter with candidates in technical fields. He was chosen twice by leadership to serve as a voting member on a national selection boards charged with voting member to choose the quota of personnel as incoming officers for information technician, meteorology, cryptology, and intelligence fields. Chris also traveled abroad to recruit personnel in Europe and held video interviews with personnel in the Middle East and Africa.  In 2012, he led his team to win a project / facility management award based on production, innovation, and teamwork.  The award was also recognized by the U.S. House of Representatives.  In 2013, Chris was named as the recipient of the Makoski Leadership Award for Region Southeast and as the single national recipient for the Navy.  

In 2016, Chris retired from the military and began his entrepreneurial dream of resolving the issues plaguing Veteran employment.  Throughout his career he has trained, deployed, and worked with all branches of the US military – growing as a leader from each experience.  His work has allowed him to live in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.  He was also fortunate enough to visit over 35 countries; taking away something unique from each culture.


Chris has completed a Bachelor of Science in Education, Cum Laude, with an emphasis in mathematics.  In 2016 he completed a Master’s in Business Administration.  Both degrees are from the University of Missouri.  Go MIZZOU, M-I-Z!  He is a lifelong learner who has also completed a certificate course with Syracuse University (SU) in Human Resources (HR), which prepares professionals to take the HR certificate institute PHR and SPHR certification exams.