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According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, on any given night in the U.S. during January of 2016 there was 549,928 people homeless.  Of those nearly 550,000 people, 39,471 were Veterans and 35,686 were unaccompanied homeless youth.  Both Veterans and Youth Children made-up circa 7% or had a combined percentage of nearly 15% of the total population of homelessness.  Additionally, to put it into context there was 77,486 considered chronically homeless, which is 20% of the overall total on any given night in January of 2016.  

VIP Recruiting has chosen to fight homelessness by supporting the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office (HCSO) Homelessness Initiative.  The HCSO Homeless Initiative helps those that have been homeless for a significant amount of time and suffer from some impairment that they can not help themselves.  

One of the key drivers is the inability to make and sustain housing payments.  Providing affordable housing can assist with reducing this key driver, but income is a key factor to eliminate homelessness.  It is necessary to help those that are homeless gain skills and experiences to be able to afford and continually sustain payments for housing.

 If you are or know of an employer who has employment opportunities please contact us so that we can assist those in need.  If you know of a Veteran who is at-risk or is homeless you can contact the Department of Veteran Affairs at 877-424-3838.     

January’s HCSO Homeless Initiative Event

February’s HCSO Homeless Initiative Event

We Supported a Veterans Supporting Veterans Event – 2 June

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Prepared Toiletry and Food Bags for Junes Event – 10 June

Junes Event HCSO Homeless Initiative Event– 13 June

The next event has not been announced yet.

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