About Us

Our Mission, Vision, Values and Passion


VIP Recruiting is a Veteran owed business that serves as an innovator in the recruiting industry.  We serve as a translator of skills and experiences by showcasing an immediate return on investment.  Our course is to innovate towards a career for those that have served or supported our nation.  We affectionately call this innovation for transition, ‘salutes to suits.’  We serve those that have served and those who have supported veterans.  No matter their proximity to the target, if someone has supported a Veteran, we want to help.

“We connect what a VIP has accomplished worldwide with what could be possible in the corporate world – providing businesses with significant Return on Investment (ROI).”  


VIP Recruiting strives to be the industry leader for Veterans and their Important Personnel (VIP) who are transitioning from “salutes to suits.”  We provide each VIP with the best in service opportunities to those that want to hire a VIP.  We showcase how a VIP has day one skills and experiences that will make them an immediate difference maker to your bottom line.  An individual that will propel a business with the military leadership, management and everything in-between.

“Hire VIP Recruiting when you’re tired of going around and around to fill a vacancy.”


“We Value the Men and Women who served our nation.”

  • Always a Very Important Person and never a customer.
  • Always a career and never a transaction.
  • Always innovate towards new methodologies and never accept the status quo.
  • Always strive to find a career for each Very Important Person.
  • Always work to remove the current barriers of resumes and traditional screening processes.


VIP Recruiting assists Veterans and other Important Personnel with services and career opportunities.  VIP Recruiting serves as an interface of turning a dream job into reality.  We are passionate about providing services that generate employment for Veterans and other Important Personnel through “salutes to suits” innovation.  

Our passion is to “support you like family and build a team of Veteran advocates.”